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Episode 9: Frankenstein Tacos & Poortex

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

In this episode Jaime, Hector and I are joined virtually by my brother Hiram in Los Angeles. We talk about Hector's barbecue and a Frankenstein taco that he made stuffed with fajitas, a jalapeno popper, pork belly, and guacamole. We decide to let our fans have a shot at naming this thing. We review the first round of the Chicken Wars bracket with Chick-fil-a and KFC moving on to the semi-finals. We then cover this week's first round of the Chicken Wars with Popeyes vs. McDonalds and Churches vs. Burger King. Tune in to see who moves on to next weeks semi-finals. Hiram continues to throw shout outs to Colorado. The guys review the Vortex and Poortex in our Joe Tips segment. We are surprised mid podcast by the Chicken Whisperer himself, John. We talk about our favorite places to buy wings and Hector has an interesting experience with Pluckers in Austin. Hector shares a story of his first Spring Break at South Padre Island. John and I share a story of how the term Medium Raw came to fruition.

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