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Episode 7: Don’t touch my Grill & Tequila nights

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

In this episode Jaime, Hector, and I are joined by my brother Hiram (virtually) from Los Angeles. We talk about how we weathered the Texas Freeze and how we are not prepared for the cold in Texas. We talk about another theft of large quantities of meat but this time its Bologna better known as the bologna bandit. For the month of March we introduce our plan to have a March Madness Chicken wars with the popular fast food fried chicken sandwiches. We tackle the old question on whether it's ok for someone else to touch your grill and girl. Hector goes on a rant on how you better not touch his grill at home or at a cookoff. That's his meat that not your meat. Hiram gives us a review of a barbecue food truck in Los Angeles. Then he gives us a story on his weekend and how he lost a battle with tequila. Stay tuned next week for the first round of Chicken Wars.

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