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Ep. 26: Mickey Mouse & BBQ Olympics

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Season 2 we are back!!! In this episode I am joined by Hector, Jaime and Hiram from Los Angeles. The Ready Set BBQ podcast is back for Season 2 after a month hiatus. We catch up on what we've been doing during the break. Hector plans to go back on his diet after touring some of America's best eats. We talk about a Sunday cookoff earlier in the day. I hope this doesn't become a habit of holding cookoffs on Sundays. We talk about the rise in Covid cases and how it's going to affect everyone.

Hiram and I talk about my visit to California. Started off on the wrong foot with flight cancellations but worked out great once I arrived in California. Hiram and and I share some of the good eats we had at Disneyland as well as some other eats in Los Angeles. Hiram breaks his diet to indulge in vacation foods. We think there should be an age minimum for babies as the park was crawling with newborns. We drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to visit Ventura Beach.

Hector talks about some of the good eats he had over the break. He finds the best Indian Food restaurant in the world in San Antonio and he raves about Burnt Bean Barbecue in Seguin, TX. Johnny visits Pinkerton Barbecue in San Antonio and creates a video of his visit. We talk about the Olympics and how they are hard to watch. Jaime recommends we skip the Olympics and watch ESPN the Ocho. Fan favorite games as rock skipping, air guitar, corn hole and more. I ask the question of what if BBQ was an Olympic Sport. What would that look like, what kind of foods would they cook. I give a quick review of the Pitts and Spitts vs. the Pitmaker Safe. Each have their pros and cons. We end the show by pitching a contest for our fans. This quickly goes off the rails into a brainstorm for a dating show for Jaime. Good to be back!!!

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