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Episode 10: Massages & Final Four

Episode 10!! In this episode Jaime, Hector and I are joined by Hiram virtually from LA. We talk about our golfing weekend and an unexpected heckler helps me sink a birdie putt. Isaac celebrates his 40th birthday. Hector criticizes girls at South Padre Island. Hiram continues his apology tour of all the people he offends on the podcast. We taste and judge the final four chicken sandwiches of our March Madness Chicken Wars. Hector is still looking for that crunchy juicy sandwich and is pleasantly surprised. Hector provides some legal advice to Deshaun Watson and what he would do as a prosecutor. Hiram shares an article about Florida spring breaks curfew laws and Hector takes some shots at Florida. We take a trip down memory lane about barbecue eats we grew up with and how they've changed over the years. We ask what the future of barbecue will be like.

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