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Ep. 99 - End of Masculinity & Cookoff WTFs

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In this episode Jaime and I welcome back Hiram from Los Angeles. We have a new Hiram Xavier as he tells us because he is rolling in a new ride. We talk about the heartbreak that the Texas Longhorns basketball team left us with once again. I mention that a guy walks into the sports bar with his wife's purse in tow and that has the guys questioning the masculinity of the guys in this world. I talk about some beers I'm trying today and tell the guys about a summer drink that I made on Saturday curtesy of Kosmos barbecue on Tik Tok. California continues to have crazy weather like one of those disaster end of the World movies. Jonathan Majors takes his villain role too far as he ends up getting arrested over the weekend.

17:00 min

BBQ time. I give a recap of the cookoff we had this weekend at the Harvest Christian Academy Cookoff in Edinburg. Tons of vendors showed up as well as a petting zoo and car show. I was more than shocked by the results on this one especially they way that we've been cooking lately. We went from Hero to zero on this one. Jaime gives us a recap of his judging experience as he volunteers to judge brisket. I give the guys a review of some cauliflower wings I had at Wings and Rings. The point of the story was that I tried the ghost pepper ranch sauce they have now. The guys have no interest in trying something that hot.

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We talk a little boxing because we never talk about boxing so why not. We talk about some conspiracy theories that have been going around lately. I ask the guys if the government is controlling the weather. Jaime and I both have buddies that think the government is bombing the clouds to control the weather. Jaime throws down some knowledge about what happens every 1200 thousands years. Social media says we will be visited by Aliens in March. Jaime drops some more deep thoughts about his theory on Aliens.

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Jaime tells us about Aaron Rodgers doing drugs with one of the Paul brothers. We play a little GM as we debate where A-Rod should go and what they should give up for him. Jaime and I witness history as Caitlin Clark makes history by hitting the first 40 point triple double in NCAA history. Jaime also makes history of his own.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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