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Ep. 98 - Huge Weber & Not So Sunny Cali

Updated: Mar 29

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In this episode Jaime and I welcome back Hiram from Los Angeles. All the guys are remote tonight on a rare Taco Tuesday as we decide to put out another episode for our fans. This time all of us have had a chance to catch up on the Chris Rock Netflix special. We agree that most were just waiting for the 5 mins that he talks about Will Smith. Banks are going under, and JP Morgan Chase makes a costly error buying bags of rocks for over millions of dollars. Tik Tokers are now eating dog food to meet their body building protein gains. Hiram goes to a Laker game and is now a private suite guy moving forward. The new movie about how the Jordan shoes came to be and Matt Damon is not playing Michael Jordan. Hiram gives us the low down on Taylor Swifts new tour as I bring up a class at UT Austin that just breaks down her lyrics.

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BBQ time. I give a product review about the 26" Weber Kettle. My brother brings his over so we can grill some wings. We were able to cook 50 wings at one time with this awesome pit and it stayed super-hot the whole time. Tune in to get a Joe Tip from my brother Eric on how to properly cook wings on the Weber kettle. We have the Harvest Christian Academy cookoff this weekend. This one is in Edinburg and will have over 100 vendors at the event. I ask the guys if they have had deep fried ribs before as I've been seeing lots of videos lately about this new trend.

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Hiram tells about the California weather on this first day of Spring. It's not so sunny in Cali as they have had rain for the past month. He tells us about the terrible driving conditions and drivers. The weather may be affecting people as I share a story about a man that charges some cops with a metal pipe. Another story involves a Brazilian model who also gets shot by the cops after a scuffle with her boyfriend.

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I ask the guys if the Rock is still movie Viagra. Lately it seems that the Rock is not the franchise saver he once was. They guys say it's too much Rock exposure everywhere from commercials, Superbowl, XFL, movies, etc. Meanwhile Ryan Reynolds is selling companies for Billions of dollars.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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