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Ep. 97- DC Pellet Smokes & Oscar Movies

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In this episode Jaime and I welcome back Hiram from Los Angeles. And we have a first time guest our lifelong friend DC from Corpus Christi. We start off by talking about the QB carousel in the NFL starting with Aaron Rodgers. DC first hears about the Darkness Retreat. Deshawn sneaks his way back into the podcast. None of the guys fill out an NCAA bracket expect for me. We hope that Texas doesn't break our heart again this year. Buffalo Wild Wings gets sued over calling their boneless wings wings when in fact they are not wings. DC shares a personal restaurant story from back in his days at Ninfas. DC and Hiram share some ridiculous customer request while working in the food service industry. We talk about how Tiger Woods broke up with his most recent breakup.

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BBQ time. I talk about an unboxing video I did with some awesome gifts I got from our friends at Elda's Kitchen. We got a bunch of sauces to try out with our barbecue experiments. We talk about the upcoming Masters Tournament and specifically the menu that he winner has planned for this year. I ask the guys to guess what this years main course will be. DC and Hiram both get credit for guessing the correct main dish at this dinner. DC recently got into barbecuing and he tells us about his new pellet smoker and what he's been cooking on it. He even uses it for meal preps to cook a ton of chicken for the week. In the spirit of March Madness I ask the guys what their favorite wing places or wing flavors are. The guys share their two favorite flavors of wings.

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Hiram gives us breakdown in his Oscar segment of behind the Red Carpet. He starts by telling us about his Oscar snubs and the time he got killed in a movie by Eric Roberts. Hiram tries to watch the movie that won all the awards and after 30 mins he turns it off and switches it to Top Gun Maverick who we all thought should have won the Top award. We give kuddos to our boy Brendan Frasher and him wining for best actor after his acting comeback.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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