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Ep. 96 - Steaks, Jordans and NBA Scandals

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In this episode Jaime and I welcome back Hiram from Los Angeles. We also have Evee and Juan join us for a minute. We give another poor recap of the Jake Paul fight and still none of us have seen it but we've seen enough highlights to form an opinion. We then give a recap of the recent return of John Jones to the UFC and congrats to the first female Mexican fighter to win a championship. Evee shares a wrestling story about one of our brother's giving her an RKO in the parking lot when she was younger. We then talk about Scottie Pippen's ex wife dating Michael Jordan's son.

15:00 min

BBQ time. Hiram tries the cold searing method to cook a steak. He follows the recipe with a Ribeye and says this is his go to way to cook a steak indoors. He has some ideas on how to modify it for the next time. We make a mini brisket for the UFC fight and I give my review on the Ink Bird temperature probe that was given to the winners of the Courage to Change cookoff. I talk about a restaurant, 5a Rhonda that I visited earlier in the week and surprisingly got a train of free food all night. Dave Grohl barbecues for the homeless during the recent storm in Los Angeles. Jaime has no clue who this guy is.

30:00 min

Hiram gives us a peak behind the Red (Orange) Carpet at the Kid's Choice awards in L.A. He name drops some celebs that he saw. He sees some WWE stars and is really starstruck by the Man. He then goes to Maestros in downtown L.A. but this time he orders the correct steak and gets a Fillet medium rare. It was a little better than the one he made. We try to think about some fan giveaways for our 100th episode.


We finish off talking about the Jordan shoes and the 30 year popularity craze with these shoes we grew up with. Still popular as ever if not more. Hiram secures a guest for episode100 right at the end of the podcast. We use the last few minutes to talk about the Ja Morant Get Hard story.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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