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Ep. 95 - Future of Indoor Steaks & Magic Castles

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In this episode Jaime and I welcome back Hiram from Los Angeles. Hiram tells us about the surprisingly bad weather in LA and how there was snow over the Hollywood sign. We then talk about weird drinks and now Tom Hanks introduced the Cokecain which is a mix of diet coke and champagne. We then talk about our boy Aaron Rodger and his recent Darkness retreat. I give the guys some deep research on what this includes and Jaime has the notion that he had some extra help to hallucinate in his room. Jaime throws Mr. Rodgers under the bus. Elon is done with Texas as he moves his headquarters back to California. Jaime takes full credit for this. We give a terrible commentary on the Jake Paul fight. Stay tuned next week for a better recap.

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BBQ time. We tried to get Alma the Queen of BBQ on to talk about Burnt Bean BBQ but she was not available so I give my review of the food she brought down and reheated. It was great and I can't imagine what it tasted like fresh. 50 cent makes his way into the winners circle at the Houston Rodeo with his award winning champagne. Hiram has a bbq story as his visits the Magic Castle for the first time. He orders a prime rib and tells us all about it. He drops half a G. I give our fans a Joe Tip on a new way I discovered on cooking a steak called Cold Searing.

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Jaime gets a chance to dish out some apologies but he apologizes for nothing. But he does take the time to throw more people under the bus and even a whole gender. Zombies are appearing in the USA. Now not only do we have to deal with Aliens but now we have to deal with zombies. Hiram thinks we are doomed as a people. Jaime and Hiram try to decide who gets snapped out of existence.

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Jaime goes on a rant and talks about people who do and do not get offended. We talk about some shows that could not be aired today. Hiram gets into some weird dating shows on Netflix. He gives us a recap on the latest reality tv shows. He tells us about a potential upcoming show about a Senior Batchelor. Hiram gives us a breakdown of his first hand experience a the Magic Castle and the magic that happens behind the curtains.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!


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