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Ep. 94 - UFOs over the RGV & Yellowstones

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In this episode Jaime and I welcome back Hiram from Los Angeles. We start off with some Bromosas, a little drink I found on Instagram. This is a mix of beer, tequila and OJ. We also have a testimonial from our sister Evee. We had a meteor land in the RGV this week and we talk aliens. Hiram talks about the weird UFOs that have been flying around and shot down by Merica. The guys contemplate if we are going to war. Deshawn makes his way back onto the podcast after a long hiatus. We pretend to be NFL owners and talk the complex contract structures. Hiram does some Deep Research about Bernie Kosar's daughter.

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BBQ time. I talk about my recent trip to Austin and my visit to Grady's BBQ. I did not have barbecue but had some pretty good fried fish. We then talk about getting Captain Mike back on the show to cook us some fried shrimp. We talk about Rudy's barbecue and I ask if Rudy's is the Whataburger of bbq. At both places you pretty much know what you are going to get. Jaime throws all the Rudy's sides under the bus. I try the local Taco Ole lunch buffet in Edinburg for $15 and I was not disappointed.

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Jaime wants his own segment to rant about the NBA and how soft it is after just watching the All Star Game. He gives us a recap of the game and the whole weekend's festivities. Jaime has an issue with how the All Star teams were selected right before they start the game. Instead of drafting the best players first they draft the bench players first so they don't feel bad for being selected last.

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We wrap it up by going behind the Red Carpet as we talk about the issues Yellowstone is having with Kevin Costner. Hiram gives us the scoop of why he is devoting less time to the show. He thinks he has some other projects lined up. He also talks about the rumors of how the show will move forward with out him.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!


BBQ | United States | GW's BBQ Catering Co. (

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

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