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Ep. 93 - We Smoked on the Rio & Super Bowl

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In this episode Rudy, Jaime, Taylor, Evee and I welcome back Hiram from Los Angeles. Hiram starts by giving us a little geography lesson about Los Angeles. We then dig into the Super Bowl between the Chiefs and Eagles. The girls add nothing to this conversation. So we jump into the halftime show by Rhiana and we have mixed signals about the performance. We then talk about the upcoming movie Cocaine Bear based on a true story. Kevin Durant get traded to the Suns which is a little overshadowed by the NFL like always. We hadn't talked NBA for a minute which is no surprise. Jaime finds a way to sneak in some Cowboys talk with a story about Michael Irvin at a Marriott.

14:00 min

BBQ time!! We talk about our Super Bowl Smoking on the Rio Cookoff. On Friday night we cooked some fajitas for some friends and gave some guys some Joe Tips on how best to cook them. Then luckily Jaime and I score some VIP tickets to Midland. Jaime gives us a breakdown of the concert and some controversial comments made by the band about valley women. We then get into the barbecue talk and how our food turned out. Evee and Taylor tell us what else there was for the non-cooks at the event. We somehow get into goal yoga. We then talk about the results and some how pull off a 6th place chicken out of 215 teams. Not other calls but we'll take it!!

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We circle back to the Super Bowl and talk about how we watched the game this year. Hiram starts by telling about his day but first tells us he spent one in Hawaii once. Turkey Chili is the highlight of his LA party with a side of mountain backed potatoes. We had a lazy plan where we buy a bunch of apps and I have Evee and Taylor cook the food today. We had wings, quesadillas, cheese sticks, pepperoni rolls and chips and dip. Jaime had some brisket and potato salad at his friend Mike's house. Hiram wants to know what our expectations are at a Super Bowl party.

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We wrap it up by talking about driverless cars and how everyone feels about robots driving our cars and planes. Apparently robots are taking over the world and we just have to suck it up.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Smokin on the Rio

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