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Ep. 92 - Super Bowl Foods & Grammys

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In this episode John, Jaime, Isaac and I welcome back Hiram from Los Angeles. Hiram starts by telling us about a fight he went to that was promoted by the Golden Boy Oscar de la Hoya. He gives us some insight about SoFi stadium. We then talk about the recent Kyrie Irving trade and surprisingly he did not get traded to the Lakers. We then try to make sense of the new Pro Bowl format. Needless to say we did not get it and Johnny is shocked that so many fans showed up. A Tesla car battery lights on fire for now reason in LA.

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BBQ time!! We talk about the upcoming Smoking on the Rio Cookoff. John says they have 300 cooking teams already signed up for the cook off. He takes a shot at a former Bobcat QB. We talk about how the weather is always bad during this event. Jaime has an opinion on a gender that does not get cold. In the spirit of the Super Bowl we talk about KC popular foods vs Philly popular foods.

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Once again we talk about Super Bowl plans and what we have going on. There was a script that was released about the game and already have the score planned. Hiram tells us about his fancy Super Bowl party filled with cheese boards, wine and football cookies. Johnny will be watching at a sportsbook in Vegas. We then go down the top 7 list of football foods that people prepare for the big game. We talk about what we are bringing to a Super Bowl party.

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Hiram is back to take back his Behind the Red Carpet segment as he talks about the Grammys. None of the other guys had any idea that they were on tonight. He mansplans what each award means in Hollywood. Beyonce becomes the GOAT of the Grammy world.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Smokin on the Rio

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