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Ep. 91 - The Queen is Back & Meat Pies

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In this episode Evee, Jaime, Johnny and I welcome our special guest on Ladies Month, Alma Vera aka the Queen of BBQ. We start by talking about the NFL Championship games and we make some poor predictions. We also talk about how Shakira catches her boyfriend cheating by keeping on eye on her jam in the fridge. We wrap up headlines with Fight Night talking about a fight that Hiram is currently at as we record the podcast. Once again Oscar de la Hoya's abs make it onto the podcast.

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BBQ time!! We talk about the South Texas Courage to Change cookoff where we competed earlier. Great turn out and great job by Nadia for putting on such a great event. Johnny comes home with a Valley Lemon tree. It was a nice day but we battled some really strong winds this day and makes it tough to cook in those conditions. We reminisce about some bad weather cookoffs we've had in our cooking days. We talk about our turn in foods and what we thought about them. Johnny shares some Chicken Whisperer Pro tips. We talk about some judging conspiracy theories. We end up getting 3rd overall out of 32 pretty solid teams. Pretty good practice for the upcoming Smoking on the Rio Cookoff. We give a very good review of Pitmaker smokers.

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We talk about exotic foods around the world. I start off by talking about some crickets that I ate at a local Mexican restaurant. Alma tells us about some kangaroo she ate in Scotland. She also tells us about a time she had Haggus in Europe. Alma tells us what country has the best food in Europe.

37:00 min

I'm not Hollywood, Mr. Nick sends the Ready Set BBQ podcast a description of Malentines Day where bros plan a day together. Since John is going to Vegas for Valentines we talk about a story where a lady won $42 million on a slot in Atlantic City but instead is awarded a steak dinner due to technicalities. We talk about how we would spend $40 + million dollars.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Smokin on the Rio

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