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Ep. 90 - Behind Smokin on the Rio with Christy

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In this episode Evee, Jaime, Hiram and I welcome our special guest on Ladies Month, Christy Cameron. Christy is the Marketing Director of the Mercedes Livestock Show Grounds. We start off with some headlines as the Cowboys blow it and their season ends to the Niners. Rhiana is the halftime show at the Superbowl and Jaime tells us all about her makeup line. We talk about the Bronco Pirata 956 at the Alamo Flea Market. Another character gets unlocked as now there is Juany Debt 956 at the flea market. Hiram pretends to not know what a Flea Market (Pulga) is so we have to explain how the 956 rolls.

10:00 min

BBQ time!! We talk to Christy about the upcoming Smokin on the Rio in Mercedes. We start of by talking about the BBQ portion of smoking on the rio. There is a full lineup of meats and we are going to be a man down. They are expecting over 200 cooking teams this year. Friday night Midland is going to be the entertainment and we try to get some VIP passes from Christy. Christy gives us a lesson on why they hold the event and where the money goes to help the kids. Christy tells us what else there is for families to do that show up to the event. There will be vendors, food trucks, and much more for the people.

22:00 min

We talk about Valentine's Day weekend as it falls on the same weekend as the cookoff. I ask the gang if they'd rather stay in or go out on that weekend. I ask if a friend's valentine's hangout is cool or lame. I ask the girls about the ideal Valentine's setting and if a BBQ joint is an appropriate venue. We talk about Valentine's gifts and if guys should be getting gifts. We go throwback as I ask everyone what their childhood celebrity crush was growing up. Some interesting celebs from the Ready Set BBQ Podcast.

40:00 min

Hirma gets a chance to redeem the Behind the Red Carpet segment as we continue to talk about movies and snubs. Hiram doesn't think Top Gun Maverick will win any awards and thinks the committee is made up of a bunch of old people. Christy thinks the Will Smith slap last year was a plant for ratings.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Smokin on the Rio

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