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Ep. 89 - Courage to Change 2023 with Nadia

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In this episode Johnny, Jaime and I welcome our special guest on Ladies Month, Nadia Ochoa. Nadia is the director of Palmer Drug Abuse in McAllen and the promoter of the South Texas Courage to Change Cook-off. We start off with some headlines as it appears there is another fajita bandit in South Texas. This time it's a lady that manages to steal over $1,000 in fajitas from an HEB and meat market in Laredo. Salma Hayek is spotted at the Golden Globes holding a Mexican candy in her hands so after Nadia tracks some down we decide to give it a try. There is a popular celebrity in the Rio Grande Valley known as the Bronco Pirata. He is causing the local flea market to be overcrowded on the weekends.

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BBQ time!! We talk to Nadia about the upcoming South Texas Courage to Change Cookoff where we will be competing in the next couple of weeks. This year the cookoff will take place in Pharr for the second year in a row. There will be no pork butt this year as Nadia decided to stick with the main three meats. So far she has over 50 vendors and almost 30 teams. We ask Nadia if her BBQ standards have gone up and she tell us how picky she has become with barbecue foods.

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Hiram is not on this one so I take over the behind the Red Carpet segment. We talk about the Golden Globes and as in recent years we know none of the movies. We are surprised there wasn't more love for Top Gun Maverick as we all agree it was one of the best movies we saw all year in 2022. I make a pitch for some past Marvel progects to get some love.

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Texas is getting their own Universal Studios in Dallas. I was hoping it was a bit closer to home but Johnny said he can drive us up. Then the conversation turns to hotdogs and weenies. The guys go back and forth on how much they like the FUD weenies.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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