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Ep. 87 - Merry Christmas You Filthy Animals

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In this episode we have a full house. I am joined by Jaime, Hiram, Evee, Eddie and for the first time his brother Rick. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and talk about how we each spent it. We also talk about fantasy football as it is playoff time and you are either in or your year is over. We then talk about the artic freeze over the past few weeks and what we've been doing to manage this unexpected valley cold weather.

10:00 min

BBQ time: I tell the guys about the prime rib roast I attempted to cook with my brother Eric. It's not the best one we've made but that's bbq. Sometimes it's not always perfect. The guys talk about what they ate for Christmas. We are recording from our friend Eddie's house (Chillin N Grillin) as he put on a show. He made burgers, hotdogs, barbacoa, and even had tamales and dessert. Needless to say we had a feast!! We then close out the barbecue segment by discussing the upcoming cookoffs and the new CBA rules. Now you can turn in any part of the chicken and we discuss our thoughts about that.


While we are feasting on tamales we give our opinions on which are the best. I'm a cream cheese jalapeno person myself but the consensus are purist with regular pork tamales. Then the debate about ketchup or no ketchup on the tamales. That brings up another holiday staple which is menudo and posole. We also discuss which is best and why.

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We close out by talking about past years foods that we remember. Also in general what foods we associate with this time of year. I ask the guys and girl if they have any New Years food traditions and what are their resolutions for 2023.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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