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Ep. 86 - Backyard BBQ & Deer Nuts

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In this episode we have a full house. I am joined by Jaime, Hiram, Nick and Evee. We start with the World Cup as the finals was earlier in the evening. They guys don't think it such a big deal even though the rest of the world would disagree. Jaime thinks the Cowboys are still them boys even though they have an embarrassing loss to the Jags. The performance was under whelming but he gets bailed out by the Cleveland defense. Mandy Rose gets fired from wrestling for having a fans page with some not so PG content. Jaime burst Hiram's bubble with his fact checks on Steph Curry.

10:00 min

BBQ time: We bring back our backyard family cookoff. We hadn't been able to do this since before Covid. Surprisingly everything went well and the weather cooperated nicely after raining all night before. We talk about the two main entries which were fajitas and chef choice. The fajita entries all went well as it was very close to call a winner. The chef choice had an array of interesting turn ins as people got pretty creative. I take a long shot and turn in a shrimp dish not knowing that one of the judges doesn't eat shrimp so, Joe Tip think about something that all the judges will at least try. Congrats to my brother Eric for coming away as the grand champion this year.


Nick comes down to visit from Austin to go on a hunting trip. Takes him quite a few shots but he manages to put one down. He then tells us about how he plans to have it processed and different ways to prepare dear meat. Evee also shares some different preparations from her experience. We then go off the rails a bit and bring back Rocky Mountain oysters into the conversation once again. The room is divided on who would actually try such oysters. We then talk a little bit about chain steakhouses.

30:00 min

We talk about the upcoming winter freeze and the reactions in the RGV and Austin. We then talk some more barbecue and have Nick, Evee and Hiram talk about how they barbecue. We close out by talking about what we are having for Christmas dinner and any traditions our family might have.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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