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Ep. 85 - Joe Champs & Muddy Waters

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In this episode we have a full house. I am joined by Jaime, Isaac, Rudy and Hiram from Los Angeles. We start with what is probably the last time we mention the World Cup coming off the US elimination. They guys are split whether they would attend when the Cup comes to the US. Also Jaime's favorite quarterback Deshawn Watson is back in the NFL. The performance was under whelming but he gets bailed out by the Cleveland defense.

13:00 min

Isaac shares a story about the hot Cheetos guy. Apparently, this guy claims to have worked his way up in the company from a janitor to an high level executive. His claim to fame was that he invented the hot Cheetos flavor. Well after all this time it turns out that the story was not true and that he had been making it up the whole time. Jaime can't understand why Cheetos hadn't done something about it sooner. I then ask the guys if they have held a white lie for a long period of time.


Hiram brings back behind the red carpet as he tells us what shows or movies we should be watching or get ready to watch. We try to convince him to watch Yellowstone but he is not on the bandwagon yet. We also talk about a handful of other shows and movies to be on the lookout for.

36:00 min

BBQ time:

We are fresh off our last cookoff of the year as we competed in the South Texas Beef Club cookoff right down the road in Edinburg. I talk about the night before and give some Joe Tips about not partying too hard the night before. We a team next to us was doing their first cookoff so they made that rookie mistake. The next day things ran pretty smooth as we were happy with all of our turn ins. The results come and again we are happy with all of our calls. Came home with some nice hardware. Then the monsoon hit as it rained nonstop for the rest of the day and night. For many there was no escape. We had to leave our gear behind and try another day. Just part of the BBQ life.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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