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Ep. 83 - World Cup Foods & Thanksgiving

0 mins

In this episode I am joined by Jaime and Evee. We start by talking about the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Longhorns who finally blow out their opponents and don't give us some extra stress. My sister Evee joins the podcast as the World Cup is set to start. No one seems to care about the Qatar World Cup, the US Team or anyone else playing this year. I talk about some briskets I made over the weekend in the cold and rain. Some pits don't care if it's cold and raining.

10:00 min

BBQ time: We play a little game show as I quiz Evee and Jaime on the national or most popular foods in the countries participating in the World Cup. It's way harder for them that I thought (maybe we needed Hector on this one). Jaime manages to offend multiple countries around the world. Stay tuned next week as Jaime has his apology tour to all his vict

25:00 min

We talk about Thanksgiving plans and some of our favorite foods or foods we are looking forward to eating this year. Jaime shares his families Mexican Thanksgiving experience. This one consist of Turkey, rice, beans, and a mountain of tortillas.


We close out with an interesting discussion about a term of endearment or not for women. We also talk about our plans for our backyard family barbecue.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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