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Ep. 79 - L.A. Tripping & Steaks

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In this episode I am joined by Jaime, Isaac, Hector and Hiram. We start by talking about some of the off the field activity that has been in the news in pro sports. No not Deshawn this week but possibly next week. We first talk about Bobby Wagner taking out the protester that runs onto the field during a game. We talk about Devonte Adams taking out a camera man. Jaime has an interesting take in defense of Adams. Hector does not agree. We close out the segment with Draymond Green punching his teammate during a Warriors practice.

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BBQ time: We talk about a weekend barbecue we had to celebrate the Queen of BBQ's birthday, Alma. She showed up with tons of meat for me to cook. I decided to throw all the meat on the Pitmaker Safe to get it all cooking at one time. Some of the menu included jalapeno bomers, fajitas, loaded ribs, steak, sausage and a tomahawk steak. Yes it was my first one ever and for being cooked on a smoker I'd say it came out pretty good.

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We introduce a new segment called Uffffffff as we talk about dumb things people have done that make you say ufffff. Some of the stories are local and some are not. Either way we can't believe some of the things some people will do.

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We close out by Hiram and Hector talking about their Los Angeles trip. talking about Hector's upcoming visit to LA. The guys hit some of the touristy spots as they beer and bounce around the city of Angels. Hector actually has some drinks and make the most of his mancation. They visit a popular LA restaurant and don't have the best reviews. Finally they make it to a Cowboys vs. Rams game where they say it was 75% Cowboy fans.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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