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Ep. 78 - Fatty Philly Foods & Baby Back Ribs

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In this episode I am joined by Jaime, Rudy and Hiram. Rudy is back!!! After a long hiatus. Hiram is tired of all the Aaron Judge coverage while we are watching other programing. We start with some NFL talk as the news is all about Tua and the head injuries he has had the last two weeks. We share some stories of what may have been concussions back in our crazier days. Jaime talks about his Lebron days when he used to dunk over everyone. We talk about a You Tuber that is on a Raw Carnivore diet of eating raw meat.

14:00 min

BBQ time: I talk about some baby back ribs I tried to grill on the weber kettle. The first batch was just cooked offset and then finished over the fire. The results were a grilled pork chop flavor and consistency. The second rack was done the same way but then finished wrapped in foil for an extra hour. If you like them tender and fall off the bones this is the way for you. Earlier I was craving some BBQ and went to my local HEB. Surprisingly their barbecue is pretty good. Some of the best brisket you can find around. You will not be disappointed. Someone on YouTube cooked in a ribeye in a ton of butter and whiskey. Jaime doesn't like Bone in steaks. Hiram tries some Brisket nachos at the Boneyard bistro in LA. We talk about what we really think nachos are.

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Hiram talks about his recent visit to Philly to go see his recording artist friend Doreen Taylor. He gives us a short back round and talk about his visit. Rudy tells us about his longest flight of 25 hours from Germany. Kitty makes her way onto the podcast with a quick meow. Hiram throws Philly cuisine under the buss as he thinks everything has too much cheese and grease. Then I throw Philly under the buss.

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We close out by Hiram talking about Hector's upcoming visit to LA. Beethoven gets into the podcast as well. Turns out they have a tight itinerary and everything is planned out. They plan to go to a heavy metal concert, a high end steak house, a Dallas Cowboy game and some other activities.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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