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Ep. 77 - Grand Champs & Magic Carpets

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In this episode I am joined by Jaime, and Hiram. Hiram starts off by telling us about a helicopter ride that he took seeing the sites of Los Angeles. This went a little up and down on this day literally. We then start to talk about the Niners and Jimmy G. Hiram gives us some life advice on how to live our life and work life.

9:00 min

BBQ time: I talk about my tailgate experience in Austin while I attended the UTSA vs. Texas game. I started the weekend by visiting one of our favorite watering holes, Pluckers. The next day we show up to the game and notice there are not very many tailgaters. I ask the question, Is Tailgating dead? All of the parking lots have been replaced by high rise buildings. Seems like all the festivities have been moved to outside the stadium with beer vendors, food trucks, live music, and lots of other stuff for sale. Hiram is upset with college football and the money grab side of it. Hiram renounces live football at all levels. So don't offer him a free ticket.

I then share our results from the weekends cookoff at the Shoot for Shelly cookoff. We first get a 2nd place call while our friends get a first place call in chicken. The next category is ribs so our friends Pigz in the Hood get second while we get a first place call. In the end it was decided that we won the tiebreaker and go on to win the Grand Championship.

22:00 min

We talk about one of our most downloaded episodes, Evee's Birthday Party from September 2021. Hiram gives an apology tour to a fellow BBQ podcaster and even gives him some props. Thin Blue Smoke Podcast. We talk about future potential guest we want to get on for season 4.

30:00 min

We close out by talking about a family bbq story out of Lockhart and Austin Texas. This story is about her feud between the Black families, owners of Black's BBQ and Terry Blacks BBQ. By going big when it comes to barbecue does that mean you have to sacrifice quality. Jaime gives props to the local small barbecue places that are doing it right and with the best quality.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Vera's King o Meats

Veras King of Meats - Meat Market, Catering, Meat (

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