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Ep. 76 - Season 4 Premiere

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In this episode I am joined by Jaime, Isaac and Hiram. We start off with the start of football season. We begin with college as the Texas Longhorns suffer a nail biting loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide. I think the whole thing was rigged as the refs did everything they could to ensure that Alabama comes away with a victory. If you didn't think college football was dirty go back and watch this game. We also talk about some big upsets on this weekends schedule. We then move into the NFL where Hiram and I talk about the Bears and Niners game that we didn't go to.

Bears come away with the win!! We talk some more football and then close out with America's team the Dallas Cowboys. As we begin recording the podcast we learn that Dak Prescot broke his hand. Season is over for the Cowboys.

11:00 min

BBQ time: we begin by talking about the tailgate brunch that my brother and Eric had for the Texas vs. Alabama game. He cooked up some breakfast sandwiches on the griddle with hashbrowns, chorizo, and bacon. Good stuff. His wife cooks us up some potato crack. Wow was this a treat. Probably the best thing I ate all day. We then talk about a story in Florida that happened earlier at the Patriots and Dolphins game. Someone left their grill on and manage to burn down almost two rows of vehicles. We have a discussion on who is more likely to cover the damages. Only in Florida. I then bring up the conversation of how everyone is including brisket in brunch and breakfast. There are brisket and egg tacos and many other dishes lately following the popular bbq trend in the US.

25:00 min

I talk about our bundle giveaway winner who ends up being the mother of the BBQ Queen, Edna Vera. She is the lucky winner of a hoodie, t-shirt and cap from the Ready Set BBQ store. I then proceed to ready some very rare fan mail. One of the fans wants to be on the podcast if Hiram didn't offend him too much.

35:00 min

We close out by talking about our new favorite topic Leonardo Dicaprio. Apparently Leo will only date girls until they hit 25 years of age and then they are welcomed to Dumpville. The guys talk about their thoughts on this and whether Leo is a zero or hero.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

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