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Ep. 74 - Smash Burgers & Drums or Flats

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In this episode I am joined by Jaime and guest Nadia from PDAP. We weathered the rare Valley storm and pushed through to give the people what they want. We start off by showing some love to one of our favorite BBQ joints, Smoke Crafters BBQ. Over the weekend they suffered some damages from the wind and rainstorm. Nadia then gives us a recap of her fundraising event for Palmer Drug Abuse Program at the Landmark on Tower. The event was a success with live music from Bucking Crazy and a very successful silent auction. Jaime throws his name in the hat again for next years auction.

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We then talk about some BBQ as we visit GW BBQ for their 1-year anniversary. Jaime cuts in line and gets a $35 gift card for being the 65th customer of the day. We both try the smash burger after Hector's recommendation, and we are very pleased with the result. The burger is a half pound smash burger made of brisket trimmings with cheese and a super soft bun. It's so tender that it's falling apart as we pick it up. Accompanied by some steak fries, I'm telling you it's a must try. Later that night we make some wings using the vortex method on the Weber kettle. Once again good eats as the wings come out very crispy and full of flavor. We share a Joe tip, but you'll have to listen to gain that knowledge. The next day we go simple and make some fajitas and once again it's a success. We talk about adding an SCA steak event to Nadia's cookoff next year and wonder what a pizza jackpot would be like.

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I unearth an old segment called Ready Set Q's where we field some questions from our fans. The first question is popcorn a form of chip. We all have some different views on what makes a chip. I don't think it's a chip because it can't be dipped. Jaime says you can dip it in cheese? We then tackle the age-old question of wings: drums or flats? Again we both have our preferences and the online polls seem to be at 50/50. Jaime shares some ordering advice at wing stop.

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Lastly we ask if Marvel died with Iron Man. This question is still open as some of us still follow Marvel loyally but not as loyal as we did during the golden era. Nadia brings up a nachos question so I ask what type of nachos we prefer.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Law Office of Hector Hernandez


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Smoke Crafters


Palmer Drug Abuse Program

Palmer Drug Abuse Program (

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