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Ep. 73 - Brisket Bandit & BBQ Pizza 2.0

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In this episode I am joined by Jaime, Isaac and Hector. We start off with our favorite NFL players Deshawn Watson. Recently he was given a 6-game suspension by an independent judge but that wasn't good enough for the NFL, so the saga continues. We ask Hector from some legal advice on the matter. I bring up last week's podcast as I talked about buying Troy Aikman's beer, Eight as he recently visited the Rio Grande Valley to promote it. When I saw the sticker price, I called an audible and decided my money was better spent elsewhere.

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We then talk about some BBQ as Hector is on the podcast so be ready for some pretty heavy bbq talk. I saw a video on social media that we break down. The person lathers mayo on the brisket before he seasons and puts on the smoker. As the brisket reaches the stall, he then proceeds to make a foil boat for the brisket with the thought that the brisket will be half wrap so still remain MOIST however the top of the brisket will continue to develop a nice bark. Something to maybe try in the test outdoor kitchen. We then talk about my second weekend in a row cooking bbq pizza on the Weber Kettle. I come up with 4 different pies with some input from my sister. We make a traditional pepperoni pizza, then follow it with our twist on a Hawaiian that includes a yogurt/garlic sauce, Canadian bacon, jalapenos and cheese. The next offering is a meat lovers if you will topped with pepperoni and ground brawts, followed by thick cut mushrooms. Last but not least I spread some jalapeno cream cheese, top it with crispy bacon, jalapenos and freshly grilled fajita chunks. All winners in my book.

Hector and Jaime share their experiences of visiting GW BBQ and Catering during the week. One of the guys has a successful trip and the other does not. Hector only wants to go back for the Brisket smash burger.

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Another bandit makes his way onto the podcast but this time it's a brisket bandit. Apparently there was another brisket heist in Austin as a man successfully steals 20 briskets off the pit of La Barbecue. We wonder how this can keep happening and why there are no employees present when this goes down. We then share our thoughts of what this person did with all that brisket.

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We close it out talking some college football as our team the Texas Longhorns are scheduled to play Alabama in September. We can't believe what the tickets are going for. Hector gives us a peak behind the curtain from the VIP section of the games. I'm mad cause I didn't get any buffet.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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