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Ep. 72 - Brisket Leftovers & Girl Fight

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In this episode I am joined by Jaime and Hiram. We start off with some headlines as the NFL is back with their upcoming Hall of Fame game coming up. The guys disagree whether pre-season football is worth watching and we talk about some 49er and Cowboys football. Jaime gives us his famous UFC review as we talk about the brutal fight between Amanda Nunes and Juliana Pena. Poor girl she put up a fight but damn that was nasty.

10:00 min

We then talk about some BBQ as Hector and I come up with a creative leftover bbq appetizer menu that I try post cooking a brisket and ribs for some friends. The first crazy experiment are brisket balls made up of mashed potatoes with butter, cheese, chives and brisket. I then deep fry them and the result is a winner. The next item is a brisket flatbread on the weber pizza oven attachment. This flatbread consist of homemade bbq sauce, sauteed onions, mushrooms, brisket, goat cheese and home grown basil. The final item on the menu is a brisket grilled cheese with sliced sour dough bread slathered with butter and muenster cheese on one side and colby on the other stuffed with brisket. I then cook it on the cast iron pan over the coals. All winners folks. We also pay a visit to one of our favorite bbq eateries Smoke Crafters BBQ in Mission. Jaime tells us he was on a competitor bbq podcast be we ain't mad there's enough bbq in the world to share. Jaime talks about his love of mayo as we get some brisket grilled cheese tips. Hiram talks about an article on the top 20 LA bbq spots and his plans to do an LA BBQ tour.

30:00 min

We then talk about the economy and the rising prices of everything. Pretty much to sum it up every thing has doubled in price except our paychecks. Jaime finds a way to rope Elon into the conversation and take his usual shots at him.

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We close it out talking about Jaime's favorite QB's beer Troy Aikman's Eight Lager as his impending visit to the RGV to promote his beer. Hiram things the beer market is too saturated and that celebs should concentrate their efforts elsewhere. We ask Troy to send us a sampler case to review his beer.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

Smoke Crafters


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