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Ep. 71 - Cougar Time & Breakfast Sausage

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In this episode I am joined by Jaime and Hiram. We start off with some local headlines as some local resident decided to take an ambulance for a joyride. She must have gotten the good stuff from the hospital as she makes this bold decision to skip an Uber and opt for the ambulance. Some more local news as I give an review of Whataburger's new Bacon Blue Cheese hamburger. As usual it doesn't quite hit as expected. Jaime talks about his time at Whataburger as the bun wetter. We then talk about the big news in the NFL as Zack Wilson becomes famous for hunting cougars. Hiram thinks there's a double standard towards females in the media. We close out the headlines with Captain America Derrick Jeter right before his new doc comes out. The whole gift basket thing gets exposed. Jaime adds Jeter to this list of people that are garbage.

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We then talk about some BBQ as my time in Houston over the weekend makes me questions if there are too many BBQ joints opening up in Texas. Hiram gives his perspective living in California. One of our favorite local BBQ joints, Smoke Crafters gifts us some breakfast sausage to try out and review on the podcast. Needless to say the jury is not out on this one as it gets the full RSB approval. Jaime has a suggestion for a new menu item to add to the menu featuring the breakfast sausage. Hiram wants to know why we left a toothpick in the steak at the Texas Cook'em High Steaks Cookoff in Edinburg. Jaime and I try our best to justify our blunder.

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We then switch back to talking about the NFL and the looming season. Hector's favorite player Baker Mayfield leads off the conversation with his new team the Carolina Panther's. We can't decide which crappy QB is better for that team. The Houston Texans make their way back into the podcast as always as they pay off 30 women to make the stink of Deshaun go away. Jaime finds a way to throw Elon and Bezos under the bus as his billionaire bashing continues. We ask the question of is Lamar Jackson a good quarterback and what is going to happen to Jimmy G. We end the podcast with some Dallas Cowboys as Jaime does not seem confident that they are going to the Super Bowl this year.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

Texas Cook'em High Steaks in Edinburg

Smoke Crafters


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