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Ep. 69 - Chillin Outside & High Steaks

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In this episode I am joined by Jaime, Hiram, and Eddie. We change things up a bit as we take the podcast to the back porch as we have a round table talk unscripted. We start by talking about the upcoming cookoff on the 4th of July weekend, the Texas Cook'em High Steaks in Edinburg. We talk a little steak cooking fresh off a night time practice as well as how we plan to dress and walk up if we get a call. You don't score till you score. We are a little late on the breaking news on the new headliner for the music lineup. The guys share some advice on staying cool in the 100+ weather. 12:00 min

We talk about wanting more SCA cookoffs in the Valley and possibly adding the event to the other largest event at Smokin on the Rio in Mercedes. We give some shout outs to some local teams/friends that had some good results over cookoffs over the weekend.

14:00 min

We took a little trip to Smoke Crafters as Hiram got to visit for the first time. The owner Jaime took really good care of us and even had his bartender invent a new drink inspired by the Ready Set BBQ podcast crew. I tried pork belly burnt ends for the first time and wow. New project to try in the3 backyard. We also got to go back to GW BBQ and as always enjoyed the bbq. Hiram doesn't get to try the Friend Brisket so maybe one day.

20:00 min

Hiram and I go on a little beach vacation with the family at South Padre Island. Hiram compares the beach to beaches on LA and gives some advice to the tourists. We talk about some of the restaurants at SPI. Some pretty good and some not so good. The guys also compare Whataburger and Burger King. You'll be surprised by the answers.

35:00 min

We end the podcast by talking about how we plan to spend 4th of July and what people usually do on this American holiday.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

Texas Cook'em High Steaks in Edinburg

GW BBQ & Catering

BBQ | United States | GW's BBQ Catering Co. (

Smoke Crafters


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