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Ep. 65 - Joepardy & Medium Raw Steaks

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In this episode I am joined by Isaac, Jaime and Hiram (and Erica). We start off with headlines talking about the terrible events that happened in Uvalde Texas, only 3 hours north of us. We don't focus on the recap or the politics but on how local Texans and specifically the bbq community coming together to lend a hand. Also the efforts that HEB has been making to help out as well. In Texas we help each other in times of need. We close out with some predictions from the upcoming NBA finals. 6:00 min

We play a game called Joepardy where they guess have to solve clues in the form of a question from categories in Bro Code, Sports, Podchives, BBQ Science, and Red Carpet. Listen in on how little the guys know about questions that are related to the podcast or even have been mentioned on previous episodes.

27:00 min

Hiram talks about his little weekend at Marina del Ray which brings back memories from the Miramar at South Padre Island. We talk a little barbecue as we share some of the upcoming events we have such as the Sizzling on the Tropics in McAllen and the Texas Cook'em High Steaks in Edinburg. The Tropics cookoff is a little different as the turn in will be at night. Once again HEB will step it up for this event. We will have guest on next week to promote and discuss some of the behind the scenes of the Texas Cook'em High Steaks in Edinburg. Jaime goes back to Smoke Crafters and Isaac pays a visit to Salt American Table. Happy Anniversary Isaac.

38:00 min

We talk about ordering Steak medium raw. If anyone wants to try this please let us know what the reaction is.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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