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Ep. 64 - Venice BBQ & Gen. Motorboat

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In this episode I am joined by Isaac, Johnny, Jaime and Hiram. We start off with headlines talking about the new potential QB General Booty. Johnny bashes On the Border and does not think this should be an option for Taco Tuesday. We talk about some military news as an office decides it would be ok to Motorboat a junior officer during her medal award. Johnny wants to get his motorboat medal in the boyscouts. 10:00 min

We get into some bbq talk as Hiram gives a review of a barbecue spot in Venice. He tries some turkey, lean brisket and a whole uncut sausage. He gives it a RSB thumbs up as he levels up from last weeks negative barbecue review.

20:00 min

I go on a rant about Applebees and the new 3 drink max. I also have some bad experiences at my local Target. People have no manners or regard for other shoppers after covid. I also give Budlight Next a try as part of my attempt to drop some weight. I was not impressed by the price or the taste.

38:00 min

We reminisce about our old watering hole the Cubby Hole. I share some of the new high end menu that they are offering. We decide we will hold judgement till we pay a visit. We talk about our upcoming cookoffs and the big one, High Steaks Cook'em in Edinburg.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

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