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Ep. 63 - Hawaii BBQ & Nudes in Space

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In this episode I am joined by Isaac, and Hiram. We start off with a little bit of NBA playoffs or better yet blow outs. We then dive in to boxing as the best pound for pound fighter, Canelo takes a loss over Cinco de Mayo. Megan Fox is now claiming she's a vampire going as far as drinking blood. Hiram shares his take on Hollywood weirdness and how they try to stay in the headlines. Another interested story about NASA now sending nudes into space to try to attract alien interest in Earth. 10:00 min

We get into some bbq talk as I share my experience from the Outdoor BBQ Grillers cookoff over the past weekend. It was a hot one over 100 degrees. There was a small grass fire that had all the barbecue teams turn into amateur firefighters. They guys save the day as disaster is avoided. Hiram wants to know why sausage can't be a cookoff category. He also shares a story about some Texas Style bbq he has in LA and he was not impressed by what he had.

19:00 min

Jaime Daddy joins the party from Hawaii. We have 3 different time zones going on this podcast. I ask the guys a question, with meat prices going up what is their cheap bbq shopping list. We circle back to the cookoff and talk about the dad bod contest. Jaime rides in the middle seat all the way across the Pacific. Jaime talks about a Luau that he attended. He also plays a round of night golf. Jaime then gives a review of Dixieland BBQ and does not have very good things to say about it. In fact he compares it to garbage.

38:00 min

We go Behind the Red Curtain as I share a story in California about a driverless cab that gets pulled over by the cops and they proceeds to drive away as the cops walk up to the car. Charging the stage makes the news again as Dave Chapelle is approached at a stand up comedy show. We talk about the new Top Gun movie coming out and all agree that we do not like Miles Teller for no other reason than he has a punchable face. Jaime closes out the show talking about cooking on a gas grill for his family.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

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