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Ep. 62 - Mexican Circus & Propane Brisket

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In this episode I am joined by Jaime, Isaac, and Hiram. Hiram gets a little delayed so we start the BBQ talk a little early as I give some props to one of my favorite bbq places, Tucker's BBQ in Raymondville. I happen to be in that area during the week so I indulge on some mesquite smoked brisket, ribs, mac & cheese and their famous broccoli slaw. I also visit another favorite of the RSB Podcast, Smokecrafters BBQ in Mission, TX. I convince my brother to take his family out there. I talk about some of the many upgrades made to the location. My family and I enjoy multiple offerings of brisket nachos, Tejano Dog, Sausage Sunday, and Brisket Mac & Cheese. Food is on point as usual. 9:00 min

Hiram makes it on so we circle back to the highlights. He tells us about a Mexican Circus he just came from and some Mexican Hotdogs he took down. We start by talking about the NFL draft in Las Vegas. We make some interesting observations about the wardrobes and waiting rooms for the players. We also talk about Elon Musk buying twitter and why we think he did it. Jaime says what he would do if he was a billionaire. We also take some time off during the week to go to a Texas vs. UTRGV baseball game. We even tailgate and get the full experience.

27:00 min

We get some advice on how to cook a brisket on a propane grill with wood chips, smoke, and some foil.

28:00 min

We go behind the Red Curtain as we talk about the Amber Heard v Johnny Depp trial for a second week. We give Isaac a recap before bringing up some new developments as Johnny's bodyguard is asked if he's ever seen Mr. Depp's Unit (as he giggles). The reason being is that he is accused of urinating in his living room. Hiram shares a pretty disturbing story that derails the podcast.

35:00 min

We close it out by taking about only fans celebs and Jaime is going to visit Hawaii.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

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