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Ep. 61 - Easter BBQ & Deep in Depp

Updated: May 3, 2022

0 mins

In this episode I am joined by Jaime, and Hiram. We start by talking about Mike Tyson getting into some blows with some random guy who messing with him on a flight. We then talk about the other Tyson (Fury) and his easy victory over some guy. 6:00 min

We get into our BBQ talk some barbecue as we give a short recap of the Los Cunados cookoff and some props to the winners. We each talk about what we did for Easter and the type of barbecue we had or didn't have. Hiram gives us a lesson on brunch and his Easter day. We then talk about what people in the US are most likely eating as well as eats around the world. We then break down what some of the States that we've offended most likely ate. Hiram dances with a person? We ask the Joe's what they had for Easter. Hiram asks if we can make a brisket on a propane grill.

25:00 min

We go behind the Red Curtain as we talk about the upcoming Green Ghost movie coming out soon to a theater near you. Could be up for a Daddy. We then climb down the rabbit hole as we take a Deep dive into the Johnny Depp trial with Amber Heard. We talk about the alleged abuse by both sides and the turd bomb in his bed. We take a dive into the crazy hot matrix graph and the danger zone.

40:00 min

We close it out by taking about some football and Hiram hopes to keep Debo Samuels. He compares him to a scorned girlfriend. We makes plans to go to a Bears vs. Niners game.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

RSB Podcast Ep. 61
Easter BBQ & Deep In Depp

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