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Ep. 60 - Mexican Vin Diesel & Courage Cookoff

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In this episode we welcome back Nadia as I am joined by Jaime, Johnny Deep and Hiram. We start by talking about the headlines as we talk about the Masters and one of our own Longhorns pulling off the victory. Of course the Masters are nothing without mentioning Tiger Woods who made a miraculous recovery and was able to compete. Brett Favre wants to take the cochino title from Deshawn as he is in the news for some shady behavior that brings back talk of his text message scandal. We close out the segment with Jaime breaking down this weekends boxing main event. 10:00 min

We get into our BBQ talk as we give a recap of the Palmer Drug Abuse Program Courage to Change Cookoff. Nadia talks about the event, number of cooks, setup and everything behind the scenes of the cookoff. She gives us some reviews of some of the food samples she got to taste from the judging table. We then discuss future plans for the cookoff as far as dates and location for next year. Johnny has a cochino suggestion to where the cookoff should be located in the future. Nadia talks about other PDAP fundraisers including a silent auction. We volunteer Jaime Daddy to be auctioned off at the fall event.

30:00 min

Hiram takes us behind the red curtain/carpet. One of our guest Emroude gets her season renewed for season 2 (With Love). He also gives us some updates on the Fast and Furious season as they add a new character for the new installment. His last story involves Ben and Jenn getting back together again. He gets her a 5 million dollar engagement ring which makes johnny sick. Will Smith makes his way back into the podcast. Hiram steals a Chris Rock joke about ScarJo.

40:00 min

We end up talking about GW once again and catering for Easter. Johnny finally tries the Chicken Fried Brisket. We then give updates for the High Steaks Texas Cook'em in Edinburg. We close out the podcast with a story about Mia Kalifa visiting South Padre Island. Apparently no one knows who she is....wink, wink. i

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

Palmer Drug Abuse Program

Palmer Drug Abuse Program (

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