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Ep. 58 - The Daddys Awards & Cabrito Cooking

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In this episode we get the gang back together as I am joined by Jaime, Hector and Hiram and Johnny. We start by talking about our boy Deshaun Watson and getting the biggest contract in NFL history. Jaime thinks he did nothing to merit a suspension while the rest of us say, No he doesn't think he did anything wrong. Another podcast ambassador makes the news as the football player that went viral for tackling a ref at our High School gets arrested for being asleep with a sizeable amount of cocaine in his possession. 10:00 min

We get into our BBQ talk as we prepare for this weekend's cook off at the Palmer Drug Abuse Program Courage to Change Cookoff. Johnny decides that he is coming out of retirement after Smokin on the Rio. Shoutout to South Texas Outdoor Kitchen for listening to the podcast and taking care of Johnny and the rest of us when we visit the store.

14:00 min

We go behind the Red Carpet at the Oscars as we break some news as it just happened as we started recording. It will be known as the Slap heard round the world by the time you listen to this episode. Will Smith layeth'd the smack down on Chris Rock (good thing it wasn't the real Rock). We break down the footage from twitter and try to figure out if it was a slap or a punch. Hector finally joins the podcast in mid-season form. Hector gives us a review and funny story of a new bbq pit he bought over the weekend to cook a cabrito and how he cooked the cabrito. Since we didn't see any of the movies we decided to make our own awards that we called the Daddys.

The categories were best picture, best RSB celebrity ambassador, Best BBQ pit of 2021, favorite RSB podcast episode of 2021, favorite bbq meat, and more. Tune in to find out who won the Daddys.

41:00 min

We get into some unpaid sponsorship scenarios. Johnny wants to be the mascot for Blue Chew and Hector gives us his pitch of how he would produce his commercials. Hiram wants nothing to do with these promos as he is too involved with Deep in Daddy.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

Palmer Drug Abuse Program

Palmer Drug Abuse Program (

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