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Ep. 57 - Bad BBQ & Chimney Nuts

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In this episode we get the gang back together as I am joined by Jaime, Hector and Hiram. We start by talking about March Madness and Texas's disappointing out. We talk about why no one besides me filled out a bracket and how no one is that into college basketball. We then talk about our guy Deshaun Watson having recently signed a blockbuster deal with Hector's Cleveland Browns. Birthday Shoutouts are given to podcast contributor and sometimes BBQ team competitor Connie from Snowbite. We also give some kudos to the winners of the recent HarvestFest Cookoff. 15:30 min

We get into our BBQ talk as I give an honest review of County Line BBQ in San Antonio. The restaurant and ambiance is a win however I am shocked at how the food comes out. This was our family's go to place in Austin 20 years ago but how things have changed in that time. I may be a little snobbish when it comes to que but this was not good and borderline edible. On a plus they have great dessert and cold beer. Jaime goes back to GW BBQ which never disappoints or lets us down. I guess you can say they are like Rick Asley of BBQ.

25:00 min

Hector thinks that Jaime and Johnny should have their own podcast or better yet their own sitcom/reality show. We talk a little about Pete Davidson and his most recent news about getting booked and then un-booked for Jeff Bezos's rocket to "space". The guys have their opinion on what could have gone wrong, some claiming it could be a weight issue. Hector shares some stories about Ariana Grande and Adele run ins.

37:00 min

We wrap thing up by talking about the upcoming Oscars. We give a short preview of the upcoming Oscars podcast. We share our opinions of their taste of movies and are a little shocked at some of the movies that get noms. We come up with our own sure fire title that are guaranteed to get some Oscar noms, Horse Bracelet and Chimney Nuts. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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