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Ep. 55 - Courage to Change Cookoff with Nadia

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In this episode Jaime, Isaac, Marisol and I are joined by our special guest Nadia Ochoa De La Garza (Executive Director of Palmer Drug Abuse Program). We start by sharing a story about a fellow Edinburg man that is suing Applebees for serving him too much and causing him to crash into an 18 wheeler. Jaime gives us a UFC story about Cain Velasquez going postal and picks up 10 counts of attempted murder. 5:00 min

We talk about this years' Courage to Change Cookoff by Palmer Drug Abuse Program on April 1st and 2nd. Nadia tells us about some of the past cookoffs and how Covid-19 had an effect on the last couple of years. This year's cookoff has a new location and will be sanctioned by a new organization, Champions Barbecue Alliance. There is an extra meat however Nadia doesn't know what a pork butt is. This year the cookoff will have some Market Days for vendors to participate. There will also be some new cutting board trophies and aprons for the winners.

26:00 min

We take over Hiram's Behind the Red Carpet segment as we tell a story about the new Batman movie. A man tells his wife that he has to miss the birth of his child because he has to go to the opening of the Batman movie before he sees spoilers on Facebook. We'll have to wait for Hiram to give us his review though I'm sure I'll watch it before. Isaac tells us about the birth of his child and his experience. Nadia gives Tom Brady a pass to do whatever he wants. We then go into a whole talk about the magic of childbirth.

35:00 min

We talk about the crazy prices for everything right now, starting with Batman. Everything is going up. Gas, Movies, grapes. I think about changing to Natty Light. We do our best to share out cost saving tips for the Joe Army. Isaac doesn't want to feed his daughter Spam, he's worked too hard. Nadia saves the segment with some sage parenting advice.

43:00 min

Nadia tells us why we should be watching Euphoria. Apparently, it's the next Game of Thrones for HBO. Jaime Daddy gives some parenting advice on letting your kids watch rated R movies. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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Palmer Drug Abuse Program

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