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Ep. 54 - Smokin on the Rio & Soft Elon

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In this episode Jaime and I are joined by Hiram (via Zoom in LA). I start off by giving a quick recap of the bad weather we had at the 2022 Smokin on the Rio Cookoff in Mercedes, TX. I talk about the partying the night before as well as the struggles we had throughout the day. We had some pretty good turn ins in my opinion and met some pretty cool people. I share some of the results that I can remember as we got one call in beans. To see the full list of results check out the Smoking on the Rio website on the link below. 15:00 min

We talk about the Russian invasion of the Ukraine with our own Ready Set BBQ spin on how the Russian soldiers were shooting their shot at some of the Ukraine women on the front line. Hiram gives his strategy to the Ukraine on how they could use Tinder to their advantage. Operation Black Widow. Hiram has his own correspondent in Russia and shares her thoughts. We throw a little shade at Sean Penn.

23:00 min

We talk about the effects on the economy and how we are planning to move forward. We share out thoughts on buying fake property in the Metaverse. There might be a meta Ready Set BBQ store in the future.

26:00 min

Hiram gives us a recap of his retirement party from the bar life after 15 years. He carries the party all weekend long ending with our podcast. He reminisces on the things he will miss and what he won't miss for the bar life. Jaime tells Hiram what a Toxica is. We talk about next week's guest and promoting the Palmer Drug Abuse cookoff in April.

33:00 min

Jaime calls Elon Musk marshmallow soft and we worry for his safety. Hiram thinks they should fight on the next Jake Paul undercard. Hiram and I pledge our continuous allegiance to Elon and Space X. We wonder how much money Elon walks around with and how he paid for the Spiropapa at Charro Days. Jaime continues to gas light billionaires.

43:00 min

Hiran tells us about his first pair of Crocs and how quickly he gets shammed for making that kind of purchase in L.A. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

Smokin on the Rio

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