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Ep. 53 - Jim Buchanan of Dozier's BBQ & LA Super Bowl

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In this episode Jaime and I interview a special guest, Jim Buchanan, Pitmaster at Dozier's BBQ a Smokehouse and Meat Market in Fulshear, Texas since 1957. Jim gives a background of his days as a backyard warrior cooking central Texas style brisket and pork ribs. 5:00 min We then talk about how Jim got into the competition barbecue world and quickly made a name for himself in his very first cookoff. Jim tells us about some of his more memorable cookoffs and he gives us some advice about opening a barbecue restaurant. We also ask for some Joe Tips on competition cooking going into Smokin on the Rio this coming weekend.

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Jim's journey the takes him into the barbecue restaurant world. He starts by helping a friend with a barbecue food truck that then turns into some barbecue pop ups and eventually a restaurant. He then decides to open his own place, Buck's Barbecue but on the day he was to open, tragedy strikes. Jim then has to take show on the road as he goes back to doing pop up events.

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Now Jim is the Pitmaster of Dozier's BBQ. We learn about how he started with the restaurant. We talk about the menu, some of the pits they cook on and how they manage to cook nearly 4,000 lbs of meat a week. They have some rotating unique menu offerings and a large assortment of products through the meat market and smokehouse.

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We end the conversation talking a little football and the Texas Longhorns.

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Behind the Red Carpet...Hiram jumps on the call as he shares some behind the scenes of the LA post Super Bowl party and parade. He also tells us about his fancy Galantines Super Bowl party and Champagne pong?

43:00 min

I share some practice advice going into Smokin on the Rio and we talk about potential walk up songs if we are fortunate enough to get some calls. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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