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Ep. 51 - San Antonio Rodeo & Pam and Tommy

In this episode I am joined by Jaime, Hector, Johnny and Hiram (via L.A.) We start off by talking about the NFL, specifically the Super Bowl. We talk about who we think will win and who we are cheering for. We then talk about fellow podcaster Joe Rogan. We also fear that one day we may get cancelled for the controversial takes we have sometimes. We get into the barbecue talk with me talking about some beef jerky I made over the weekend with Hector's little rub. I have some professional taste testers give me some feedback and the tweaks will be made. We talk a little bit about some barbecue fails that we had over the weekend. A lesson that it's not always going to perfect and to always pay attention to your meats. Hiram takes another attempt at cooking a steak and he gives us the run down of how that went. Johnny makes some 30 minute chili that was pretty on point.

We get into the deep waters as we talk about some controversy at the San Antonio Rodeo. A subject that we are familiar to, having experienced something similar ourselves. There was some miscommunication, and the wrong scores were given out. The real results were given out 3 days later.

We finish off by talking about some shows we recommended in our earlier podcasts. The first show is Pam and Tommy which we all thought was hilarious. The other was Peacemaker which Hiram calls the best thing he's seen on TV. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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