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Ep. 50 - Season 2 Finale with Emeraude Toubia

In this episode I am joined by Jaime, Hector and Hiram (via L.A.) We also welcome Special Guest, Actress, Model, Producer, Fashion designer and Rio Grande Valley native Emeraude Toubia. She starts off by flipping the script and asking me questions. Then I resume hosting duties as she tells us a little bit about growing up in Brownsville, Texas and what she misses now that she's living in Los Angeles. She tells us about her favorite restaurant in Brownsville for Tacos. We also talk about Mexican food tradition like our favorite tamales and such. The guys invite Emeraude to visit when she comes down for some exceptional Texas barbecue. She makes fun of our Pizza Hut order, and we reminisce about how Pizza Hut was back in the day. Emeraude shares some of her favorite music such as Duelo, Intocable and Vicente Fernandez. She talks about some of the Latino shows on tv right now and tells us about some of the auditions that she has tried out for. She wants to know what shows I'm watching but I'm way into Syfy stuff. We compare waiting for a call back from an audition to waiting results from a cookoff. We all agree that covid has changed the way we function and how it's ironically brought people together.

We take some questions for Emeraude from the Ready Set BBQ army. She answers questions about her favorite Mexican dishes, the type of foods they have on set, and how many languages she speaks. She gives us a little more background on the catering service and the authenticity of the foods in front of the camera on her new show With Love.

Hiram tells us about a recent attempt at getting catfished. He meets a "girl" on social media but becomes suspicious when she's not sharing much about herself. He then becomes more suspicious when she's starts talking about crypto and he doesn't want to give her his Shiba.

We finish off by talking about some new from the Cleveland Browns organization. They are in the new again for all the wrong reasons as one of their defensive tackles walked into a children's learning center completely nude and process to assault a police officer thereafter. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

Emeraude Toubia


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