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Ep. 48 - Fried Sausage, Kangaroos & Driving While BBQing

In this episode I am joined by Jaime, Johnny and Hector (via phone call). Hiram doesn't make it as he attended the Niners and Rams game in Los Angeles. We talk about the super close overtime games in week 18. There is a Kangaroo on the loose in the 956. We talk about videos circulating of a kangaroo running around in Mercedes. We also talk about some Chicken Fried Brisket from GW BBQ. The guys pay a visit and tell us what they think. This leads into talk of what else we can chicken fry. We talk about frying mollejas, sausage, beef ribs and more. We think that corndog frying the sausage is the way to go. We talk a little barbecue as there was a story of someone that got pulled over with a barbecue pit on fire in the bed of his truck. This guys also happened to be intoxicated and found with possession of cocaine. He is an early nomination of Carne Freak of the year. Johnny puts his hat in the ring to be the next Carne Freak of the Month.

I talk about some pulled pork loaded potatoes I made over the weekend and maybe it could be our next popup event that we put on.

We finish off by talking about our friend Deshaun Watson. We guess where he will be playing next year and invite him to the podcast. Hector and Jaime spend some time with their bad playoff predictions. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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