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Ep. 46: Chillin, Grillin & Starting a Comp BBQ Team

In this episode we do a remote podcast from the headquarters of Chillin n Grillin. I am joined by Jaime, Hector, Hiram (in person) Johnny, Eddie and Phil. We start by talking about the excellent barbecue that Eddie prepared for us before the podcast. We had beef and chicken fajitas, jalapeno poppers, pork riblets, mollejas, nopales, and just about every type of dip and salsa you can think of. Needless to say we all ate well. We start to talk about the differences between IBCA and CBA cookoffs. (The two available in South and most of Texas). Before we dig too deep we call in the other half of Chillin and Grillin, our compa Mario. Though we can all agree that we like CBA's new system, Mario misses the old days of only having to cook Pork Butt as one of the main categories. CBA now has 4 turn in meats made up of Brisket, Ribs, Chicken, and Pork Butt while IBCA still has the same 3 meats minus the pork butt. None of us can make sense of the comments on the new scoring system but Jaime, having judged sheds some light on that subject.

We get a little surprise by the Jaime Daddy as we are trying to pay some bills. Jaime passes around some holiday gifts and we present a brand new Ready Set BBQ cap to our #1 fan.

We answer some questions from our fans in our Ready Set Q's segment. One joe wants to know how much financially it takes to start a competition barbecue team. We share the perspective from 4 different experiences from competition cooks on the podcast. The numbers range from a few hundred dollars to $80,000. Another caller (my sister Evee) wants to know how she can cook chicken and it still be moist. Everyone has a different opinion on this one from temperature probing, to indirect cooking, marinating, and brining, I guess it's choose which works for you. I think they all work if done right. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Ready Set BBQ Shop

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

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