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Ep. 45: GW's BBQ & John Pardi Concert

In this episode we do a remote podcast from GW's BBQ & Catering. I am joined by Jaime, Hector and Hiram and our Special Guest George Watts Jr. (Owner of GW's BBQ). We start by talking about he feast we just enjoyed made up of brisket sandwiches, macaroni, ribs, dino ribs and more. We also talk a little bit of boxing as we plan to watch the Jake Paul fight later that night. We show up to the podcast as we left our other buddy Johnny to fend for himself at the Noche de Paz cookoff. We sit down with George and get a little history on the restaurant. He tells us how they started with a food truck for many years before they take the leap into opening a full barbecue restaurant.....but wait...Covid-19 throws a wrench in the plans and they have to get creative by shipping brisket to all over the country. He tells us about their clever way to sell brisket when we weren't able to eat at a restaurant. We also talk about some of the creative menu items they are offering such as chicken fried brisket, brisket nachos and fries, as well as some awesome sides and desserts. We get a hart warming testimony about the barbacoa that is sold on Sundays.

George also shares some tips about cooking as far as type of pits, seasoning, meat selections and just overall keeping it simple and cooking what you like. We give the joes some tips about cooking in their back yard. We also talk about what we like to eat after barbecuing all day or competing at a cookoff. We talk about the cookoff and John Pardi concert that we are competing at. GW was selling turkey legs at the concert the night before with their food truck.

Lastly we talk about future menu items that might be featured at GW's. Spoiler alert but there was talk about dino rib carnitas. Pork belly is now being offered as part of the menu and Hector wants to know when they are going to start making banana and bread pudding. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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GW's BBQ & Catering

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