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Ep. 44: Chisolm Trail Champs & Hiram Makes Steak

In this episode I am joined by Jaime, Johnny and Hiram (virtually) as we start off talking some UFC fight night. Jaime gives us a run down of the weekend's fights. The Dallas Cowboys pull off a close one against the Football team and the Texas Longhorns land a huge signing at QB. Johnny and I compete at the Donna Chisolm Trail Cookoff over the weekend. We talk about what we did to prep our meats and the addition of the Hector rubs to our Brisket and Ribs. We battle the Valley elements as we struggle to keep our gear from flying away. We manage to cook some good meats regardless of the inclement weather. We share some additional details about the days cook and then it's time for the results. As always even though we are confident in the food we turned in, the nerves kick in as we go to the results stage. We manage to pull off a 1st place chicken in the first category. Then we get to ribs and get another 1st place call. The pork butt was not a winner today but we managed a 4th place call. We pretty much tied up with another cooking team going into brisket and drum roll.......1st place. Good enough for a Grand Champion award.

Hiram gets around to cooking a steak. He used Hector's An(g)us rub on the ribeyes that he bought. He gives us a play by play as he cooks one steak on a gas grill in a cast iron and on steak in a pizza oven in a cast iron steak. He has an audience that gives him some up and down reviews. I think he can only get better.

We talk about some upcoming remote podcasts we plan to do at GW BBQ and the Chillin and Grillin headquarters. Johnny and Jaime have a debate over why all the celebrity starlets are into Pete Davidson. Jaime has some shocking opinions that he is convinced about. Johnny is just tired of hearing about him and the Kardashians in the news every 5 seconds. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Ready Set BBQ Shop

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

Vera's King o Meats

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