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Ep. 43: Juicy Steaks & Space Hotels

In this episode I am joined by Jaime, Hector, Johnny and Hiram (virtually) as we start off talking a little college football playoffs. We talk about the days games and what we project the college football playoffs to look like. We then talk about the NIL deals that college athletes are getting. They are getting paid y'all. What would some of these deals look like when UTRGV get their own local football team Hector talks about possible sponsoring local boxer Brandon Figueroa. We finally get around to making Hiram's steak instructional video. Things went pretty well considering we don't usually make steaks in a cast iron grill. Listen in as we give a play by play on how we cooked the steak and provide some Joe Tips to the fans. Jaime wonders if California has meat markets or even steak for that matter.

Elon Musk once again makes his way into our conversation. We talk about the notorious email he sent about about Space X going bankrupt. That brought about the interesting story of the Space Hotel to be built in 2027. We talk about what that would be like to stay a weekend in the Space Hotel. Hiram doesn't think any of us Joes will ever be able to afford a stay there. Sponsors we are open to some assistance. We look at an alternative from an airline (Love Cloud Vegas) in Las Vegas that is offering Mile High Flights for $995. The debate goes back and forth on this one.

Another Texas Longhorns story comes up as one of the assistant coaches who is dating a stripper with a monkey makes some headlines. Apparently the couple is being sued because the monkey bit a kid during a Halloween party. We try to line up some remote podcasts for the month of December. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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