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Ep. 40 - GW’s BBQ & $50,000 Cook Off

In this episode I am joined by Jaime, Johnny, Hector, and Hiram (virtually) as we talk a little bit of Cowboys football as they recover from last weeks beating. Jaime is back on the band wagon ready to restart payment on his Super bowl tickets. We also talk about some other recent meltdowns as OU is upset by Baylor and the Texas Longhorns continue to embarrass themselves and me. Hector provides a rant on how the problems at OU even though no one really cares. John and I pay a visit to GW's BBQ Catering Co. in San Juan and give a little review of our visit on Veteran's Day. We get to meet Pitmaster George Watts III and his wife as they are cooking briskets and house made sausage in the pit room. We each sample a 3 meat plate and are really impressed by the meats, sides, and the overall ambiance of the restaurant. Hector pays a visit the next day and calls it the best brisket he's had in the Valley in quite some time and deems it as his go to barbecue place from now on. Jaime follows the next day and enjoys a 3 meat plate and gives this place a 4.5 stars. Jaime also tells us his go to places in Edinburg for BBQ. Hector is coming out with his own Top 50 local restaurants list.

I pay a little visit to the Big Event in Raymondville Texas. This is one of the biggest IBCA events of the year with a pay out of $50,000 and 130 teams competing from all over the State of Texas. I talk a little about the day and some of the teams I come across. We talk a little about the new judging system that IBCA has and question some of the things I saw a the event. Congrats to Sons of Smoak bbq on their Reserve Grand Champion call. Hiram takes us behind the red curtain as he talks about Paris Hiltons new nuptials. We can't remember is she's been married before. He then talks about Jeff Bezos and his theory that in the future Earth will be more of a theme park as we will all live in Space and only the rich will be able to visit Earth. Something strange happened over the weekend and a lead singer from a band did something to a fan that was very unbelievable and somewhat gross. Hiram shares some stories from his time working at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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