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Ep. 38 - Halloween Spooktacular Special

In this episode I am joined by Jaime, Rudy, and Hiram (virtually) as we talk a little bit of Cowboys football as the game just ended. We also just finished watching the Astro try to stay alive and push to a game 6. Hiram and I teams (Bears & Niners) play each other in a disappointing ending. In the spirit of Halloween we talk some Halloween parties and costumes from present and past. We even take a trip down memory lane to 6th Street on Austin in Halloween of 1999. We ask if costumes should be all out or comfortable when attending a party. I go to a carnival over the weekend and see an awesome costume.

We talk about some of the foods you would expect to eat at a party. For the most part it's burgers, hotdogs and lots of sweets. Jaime goes bobbing for apples and we talk about how gross beer pong is. I share some of the most popular candies around the country by state. We also talk about some of the worst candies you can get in your bag. We talk about some Halloween movies and what's popular to watch during the holiday. We have a discussion on weird food combinations. Two foods or a combination that may seem weird to people but they are actually popular. One particular member of RSB said he puts ranch dressing on his popcorn. We end up talking about some valley spooky tales and some ghost stories that are rumored to happen in South Texas. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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