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Ep. 37: Grinding, Stuffing & Teddy’s Barbecue

In this episode I am joined by Jaime, Hector, Johnny and Hiram (virtually) as we talk a little Dodgers meltdown or just their lack of available players. Hiram and Jaime make a little wager on the World Series. Hector jumps off the burning covered wagon that is Baker Mayfield. He also lost a little faith in Oklahoma. I plan to make a visit to Austin to see my Longhorns after almost 2 years. We give the results of the cap giveaway. We paid a little visit to a local barbecue joint called Teddy's Barbecue. They were recently recognized in the Texas Monthly Top 50 barbecue restaurants. We talk a little bit about what we ate and the quality of their food. We compare it to the closest you'll get to Austin, Central Texas barbecue here on the southern border. We had brisket, pork belly and some choriqueso sausage. Hector also gives a recap of his visit to Burnt Bean Barbecue which landed in the 4th spot in the Texas Monthly rankings.

We did it!!! We made some sausage. Hector shows up to my house with commercial sausage grinding and stuffing machines. He puts his special blend of his seasonings as well as high temp cheese and jalapenos. The meat is made up of brisket point and pork shoulder. We ended up making close to 30 sausage links. Hector spends the next day cold smoking the rest of the sausages. The outcome was very surprising and hard to believe how well it came out. Hiram takes us behind the red carpet as he gives his opinion on how someone could get shot on the set of a movie production. Yes the Alec Baldwin story. He talks about some of the weapons he's wielded on his high budget movie set. Yes there were some lasers and Eric Roberts. We end up talking about our friend of the podcast Deshawn Watson and the trade rumors. The guys want to know if we can get Deshawn on the podcast. Johnny has some interesting questions for him. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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Smoke Crafters Barbecue

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