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Ep. 36: Smoke Crafters & Sausage Making

In this episode we are on location as we do a remote podcast from Smoke Crafters Barbecue (Awesome location). I am joined by Jaime, Hector and Johnny as we sit down with our friend Jaime (Co-owner of Smoke Crafters. We start by talking a little football as we ask Jaime about his fandom between the Cowboys or Texas. Jaime argues that the Cowboys have the best offense in the NFL. Hector may beg to differ. We then discuss the feast we just finished before recording. We had a spread of Brisket Waffle fries, brisket mac & cheese, brisket sandwiches, carnitas sandwich, brisket street elote, two kinds of sausage, bread pudding, brisket burnt ends, and an oatmeal cream pie. Food was all great. Jaime gives us a little bit of history behind Smoke Crafters. From starting as a catering business, to a food truck to a full blown permanent location. He gives our fans some tips on cooking barbecue.

We talk about making sausage. We tried the Jalapeno Cheddar sausage and an Italian sausage with marinara sauce. We ask for some advice on how we can make our own sausage and some dos and don'ts. He gives us some examples of some exotic recipes that he's played around with. We are a little surprised about how much work goes into making your own sausage. We finish off by talking a little movie night as Smoke Crafters will on occasion host their own movie nights. He tells us about some up coming movies they plan to show during Halloween and some plans for expanding the location. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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Smoke Crafters Barbecue


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